Why Choose Us

Everything we build is built with integrity by experts who hold their work to the highest standard. Safety is our first and foremost priority for our workers, contractors, and ultimately our buildings.

Nova Scotia is one of Canadaís most vibrant exciting provinces, and in order to stay that way, we need infrastructure to grow.

…Offices to allow new companies to come here and existing companies to expand and create more jobs.

…Schools to educate the bright minds of our future leaders and innovators.

…Hospitals with the capacity to treat the needs of every patient.

A bright future needs to be built right. Choosing contractors and trade unions that are part of Build Right Nova Scotia means choosing the best people to get the job done correctly. It means choosing to pay that talent fairly. It gives you the peace of mind to go about your day.

Knowing your children are safe at school because the roof over their heads was built with expert care and skill.

Knowing you can fully enjoy your coffee break without ever wondering if the office kitchen was wired correctly.

Knowing your brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife who works in construction is working in an environment that values their safety.

Knowing that when itís built better, you live better.